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First Baptist Millions Used for Little More than Sandwiches for Homeless … Yum-E!

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First Baptist Orlando raised $5.6-million in March 2011 to assist the homeless being forced to live on Route-192 by the negligence of Osceola County Commissioners, Osceola County department of housing, and local employers including Disney World.  I talked with the homeless on Route 192, the group that First Baptist Orlando and, guess what? 

They are not there.  No even one.  None of them from First Baptist Orlando has been to the homeless to help them.  If this is not true, I would really like to know why no one one at the intersection of Poinciana Blvd and Irlo Bronson (R-192) even knew that FPO raised $5.6-million.

If you need help … call 407-425-2555 and ask for Charlie Weatherbie, Community Liaison, First Baptist Orlando, 3000 S. John Young Parkway, Orlando, FL 32805.

Cool Poster for Posey’s Tokin’ Peeps

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Pun intended.

Whipped up cool flyer for those who want to call out Billy-bob Posey.  Tell Posey, “Just say now!”

Now is the Time to Oppose Posey

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Am I imagining things?  PUFMM membership had been growing slowly, albeit regularly, since its inception a few years ago.  Then, a new resolution recently introduced into the House rears its green head and membership stops growing.  HJR-1407-promo-flyer-osceol

We need a one-time push more now than at any other.  This is our time.    Speak out! 

Let’s get people like Randi Rhodes, and other progressive radio celebrities, to kick off a huge Internet push to get 676,811 to join this forum PUFMM Meeting, by April 1st.  YouTube Video on HJR 1407.  we need 60% of registered voters to support us.

HJR 1407 to Rescue Sick Floridians

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To get all the information on Florida House Joint Resolution 1407 (to legalize medical marijuana), go to the group that’s leading the effort: http://www.meetup.com/People-United-For-Medical-Marijuana-Orlando/

To the Departed Sayed Kotb

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He became a leader

because of his attitudes

While not even Osama bin Laden was able to get your people to rise up,  your thoughts eventually made their way into today’s uprising in Egypt with one correction, Mr. Kotb. Jahalia was not the problem.

The problem was the financing of dictatorships by American presidential dynasties. In the end, violence was not what worked against these tyrants. What worked was modern technology.

Egyptians learned not to fear.  In turn, that led them to finally rise against “the power and authority” of their own nightmare, Hosni Mubarak.

Source of Concept: "Power of Nightmares" by BBC.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Seeking Hearing Aids for Florida State Attorney

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The Gainesville Sun published a misleading article today, entitled Florida not jumping on pro-pot bandwagon, which clearly needs editorial improvements.  The Sun reported that State Attorney Bill Cervone said that there hasn’t even been a whisper on the subject of medical marijuana anywhere in Florida … at least not by Florida’s esteemed leadership, who clearly refuse to recognize the existence of PUFMM.   Here’s our chance to tell Bill Cervone to check his hearing aid, because the movement to end Marijuana Prohibition hasn’t been whispering.

The Sun also indicated the size of UCF’s NORML to be at about 175, implicating that they represent the largest group of supporters of medical marijuana reform. PUFMM — just on Meetup.Com — has 349 members and counting.

Let Cervone and The Sun know what you think. Contact Lise Fisher at 374-5092 or fisherl@gvillesun.com.